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How To Repair Windows Errors

There can be many causes for the error codes on your system. It can be causes by a viruses, malware, spyware, adware or simply a corrupt application. Sometimes, it can be caused by installing a new application without completely removing a conflicting application. This can cause registry corruption or data file corruption or mis-linked files.

Paretologic Regcure offers a state of the art registry cleaner. Running this scan is a excellent way to clean your PC of junk entries and maintain running at its fastest.

What's the windows registry?

The registry holds all the information that windows needs to operate your system. It's a huge database of pointers to all the files that applications need. It tracks all the devices attached to the system as well as the proper files they need to operate. .

Why would the registry need to be cleaned?

As you use your computer over time, deleting files, changing hardware, adding and removing applications, the registry could have a lot of entries that are invalid. This can cause your system to slow down while it loads the registry hives and tries to find everything that it's pointing to. It's kinda like a car with a clogged fuel filter and the gas has to find it's way to the engine.

What do I do to clean the registry?

When you launch a scan with Regcure, it automatically hunts down all the invalid entries in the registry and any other eroneous entries that can be removed. The process is so simple even a novice computer user can operate the appliaction. Once it finds all over the entries you can either remove everything it finds, or you can choose entries to have it remove.

Is there a way to do this manually?

You can remove registry entries manually, but you'd need the necessary expertise to do so. It would be very time consuming even for an advanced PC technician. You also run the risk of removing entries that render your system unbootable. That's never fun!

You should also note that by using Windows Add/Remove tool, very rarely does it remove all the files and registry entries on the system. The fragments it leaves behind can cause problems with future applications and can cause errors and blue screens. We recommend using a third party tool called Perfect Uninstaller to completely remove applications and never leave behind fragments of files or registry entries.

If something is accidently deleted?

Just like other applications, Regcure can make a backup of your registy and set a restore point on your system that allows you to launch the System Restore utility and go back to the same point that you were at the time.

If you're unsure how to launch the System Restore Utility, follow these steps:

  1. You should click on the Start Button, then choose "All Programs"
  2. Next Click on Accessories, System Tools, and choose System Restore.
  3. Choose to restore to an earlier date.
  4. Once you've chosen the restore point, choose Next. (your system will restart and go to an earlier time)

How often should I run Regcure?

You should run Regcure at least once a month or as soon as you begin to see problems or slowness on your system.